But Here’s What You Might Not Know

You don’t need to listen to all the fear-mongering and hysteria about ‘banning’ apps or devices or trying harder to ‘control’ your child.

The truth is, parents CAN let their kids use the internet to do the things they enjoy, AND keep them safe at the same time — and the Safe On Social Parents Toolkit can show you how.

With the Safe On Social Parents Toolkit in your back pocket, you won’t need to be anxious about what your child is doing, or scared that they’re hiding things from you.

  • You’ll know the apps they’re using. 
  • You’ll know the real dangers they face. 
  • You’ll know the steps to take to keep them safe.

And — which is your best defence of all — you’ll know how to talk to them about what’s going on.

THE SAFE ON SOCIAL PARENTS TOOLKIT isn’t so much a course as it is a digital ‘survival kit’ of everything you need to know now to keep your kids safe on social media.

You won’t have to devote hours to find what you need. Everything is divided up into dozens of neatly categorised, bite-sized videos you can watch in a few minutes, exactly when you need them.

Our simple step-by-step resources offer info in non-techy language that’s easy to understand. You'll also learn the apps your child is using and the dangers they face, but more importantly, you'll know the steps to take to keep them safe.

The end result is the confidence you need to know you can safely guide your child through social media.

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Why we take a different approach to other online safety ‘experts’

The Safe On Social Parents Toolkit is the first course of its kind that won’t recommend ‘limiting screen time’ or expensive software solutions. 

We’re realists. 

We live in a digital world now and our kids are going to need to use social media, apps, and tech platforms as they grow up. So just ‘controlling’ and ‘blocking’ can’t be the only answer. 

Ultimately, you want to keep your kids safe without depriving them of the things they enjoy or letting them have fun with their friends.

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